New Treat #108: HAIM

I’ve seen HAIM‘s name floating around for ages. But today was the day when I actually finally downloaded their EP ‘Forever’ and decided that the hype was definitely justified. HAIM are three sisters from California. They come from a very musical family, and were brought up on Classic Rock before turning to R’n’B in the 90’s. Both these influences come through in their music, and their is also a Fleetwood Mac country/pop tinge to it.

You can download their EP for free from their website. The track ‘Forever’ is my favourite. It’s got 80’s disco vibes and a great melody line. The girls play The Great Escape festival next weekend and are definitely on my must see list (which is turning into a pretty long list now!). They play three more London shows at Electrowerkz, Queen of Hoxton and Shacklewell Arms around the same time, see their tour dates here.

Anyway, this EP is on repeat today, hope you like.


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  1. Great tune, thanks for the heads up. Love the blog.

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