New Treat #106: Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice have been around for a while now but it was only a few days ago that I was brought to the attention of their new recordings, which are quite frankly, pretty amazing. They used to be quite folky and twee. A bit like Melody, Melodia and Me or one of those sickly sweet (but more sickly) bands. There new recordings sound almost like a different band. They seem to have given themselves a bit of a makeover, and it’s definitely worked in their favour.

‘Wednesday’ is electronically lead. Front woman Ellie Rowsell’s voice sounds gorgeous and rich against the sparse plinky, plonky backdrop. ‘Destroy Me’ is girlie and grungy, 90’s sounding, and my preferred of the three tracks. The third of the tracks ‘Every Cloud’ is again electronically lead. It begins with slow echoey synth sounds and then enters the beautiful silky harmonised vocals. You can download all three songs from their Bandcamp page. Also check out this rather nice solo version of a track called ‘Leaving‘.

I like this new Wolf Alice and look forward to hearing more.


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