New Treat #105: Aaron Embry

When you first look at the social media output of Aaron Embry you’d think he didn’t really have much experience in it all. He’s got a sketchy looking website, no press photos and almost all of his Soundcloud tracks are ‘phone demos’. Yet he has worked with Elliot Smith, Willy Nelson and Emmylou Harris among others and for the last few years has played as piano player in Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. When you listen to the music, this all makes much more sense.

This guy is a songwriter, and a great one too. I have been listening to a number of his songs for the last hour or so and they all sound familiar, but it’s not because they are copied or covers. It’s because they are such good songs. They sound like old American bluegrass songs. I can’t see anything about release plans but I presume a solo record is on it’s way. Could be quite special.


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