New Treat #103: Wildeflower

Wildeflower sound and look like they are from a different time. To be more accurate, 1969, California, the sun, the sea, everyone’s got long hair and a guitar in hand. Sounds a lot like my dreams. If you wanna make them sound a bit more current, think a Fleet Foxes/Jonathan Wilson vibe. But wherever you go with comparisons, this guy is ultimately an incredible songwriter.

The first single ‘Good Girl’ has Neil Young like melodies running through it. The instrumentation is thick and layered well. The flute among the layered voices is really something special. The track is available on 7” single with b-side ‘Amazing Discovery’. The single is limited to 250 copies and will be dispatched in May. Pre-order from here.

You can also listen to a lot of there other songs in the form of poorly filmed videos from gigs, the song Walking Tail which is below stood out for me. I’ve also posted a sublime over of ‘All My Trials’ which has been covered by just about everyone, but I think this is actually my favourite. It is a duet between Wildeflower and FOE.

Already fallen a little bit in love with this band, I hope there is loads more to come!


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