New Treat #102: Bree Tranter

We are now on New Treat #102! Wowza. Over 2 years ago I wrote New Treat #18 on an Aussie band called The Middle East. They had this song called ‘Blood‘ which was basically, bloody incredible. They also had a whole heap of other rather beautiful tunes. Anyway, they have now split up. Very sad. But if you have ever listened to The Middle East you will notice that there is a rather soft, angelic female voice on a lot of the tracks. And that is the voice of this New Treat, Bree Tranter.

Since the Middle East, Bree has been writing her own solo material for an EP which should come together very soon I hope. The only recorded song available online at the moment is the haunting and hypnotic ‘Winter’. The track has glimmers of Daughter and the guitar part actually reminds me of minimalist music such as the Philip Glass Soundtrack to ‘The Hours’. Her voice is exquisit. It’s become quite fashionable to have a low, soulful, grumbly voice but hers is high and floats above the music. You may also recognise Bree as she sung on the Matt Corby track ‘Big Eyes‘ which I posted a while back.

I look forward to hearing what comes next from her.


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