New Treat #100: Slow Magic

Recently, I’ve noticed that a lot of music I’ve been listening to defines itself as ‘Dreamwave’. It’s kind of an aloof term. Kinda like, we don’t know what this is, what it’s called, nothing. But we like it, and I like it too.

What my ears hear is something along these lines: slowed down electronic music, dream pop music remixed, interesting sounds on loop, takes you to a dream world. Make of it what you want, but I think something good is happening. Slow Magic is one of the masters of the Dreamwave genre. I also love Stumbleine, who I have featured previously. This sorta stuff reminds me of 3am dancing in Croatia, Glastonbury or The Big Chill festival.

Slow Magic simply describes his music as ‘Slow magic is the sound made by an unknown imaginary friend’. So we’ll leave it at that, but do take a listen.


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