New Treat #98: Rhye

Lots of people have been having a bit of a rave about Rhye. No one actually knows who they are, but that hasn’t stopped several blogs and The Guardian’s New Band of the Day featuring them. I wasn’t sure at first, but this is a grower, keep on listening and you will know what you mean.

As I don’t know anything about Rhye, expect that they are a duo, a couple,  are from Los Angeles and signed to Innovative Leisure. So other than that, I will just talk about the music. First single ‘Open’ is soft, kinda Belleruche-y, kinda XX-y, and it’s got a bit of a 90’s groove about it. The songs are about love and relationships but without romanticising the sound, apart from some lovely strings. There are two other songs both from the EP ‘Open’. ‘3 Days’ has more funk in it, still with that luxurious voice floating over the top. And ‘Hunger’ is even more funky, almost moving into Wild Belle territory. It is all very sexy sounding, if you don’t hear it, watch the video below, and then you’ll hear it.

You can download the Open EP now from iTunes which also comes with instrumental versions of all three songs. Also check out this gorgeous video of Open, only accompanied by piano.




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