New Treat #97: Saturday Sun

So today is the weekend, and after this long week of sunshine, I bet you are probably hoping to get a little more sun this Saturday. But if not, here is some Saturday Sun for you anyway, in the form of this band from Swanage. I don’t know if they are named after the Nick Drake song, but I hope that is the case.

They make sublimely beautiful music, it’s a little Jeff Buckley, mostly because the lead singer Alex Hedley has this incredibly big, swooping voice. There are aspects of it that are super dreamy, delicate and pretty and then parts which explode into a full rock band. The songs are continuously good and many are definitely slow burners, but stay with it, it’s worth it. ‘Like a Stray’ is my huge highlight from the EP, which you can listen to below.

Saturday Sun release their debut EP ‘Seagull EP’ on Monday and play Communion at Notting Hill Arts Club tomorrow evening. You can listen to the whole thing and purchase the EP here for only £3. They have a few more tracks on their Soundcloud page too.


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