New Treat #95: Oliver Tank

A few days ago I featured a stunning Julia Stone remix by a very talented man called Oliver Tank. I think the term ‘this years James Blake’ has been too closely associated with Oliver. But it’s got Blake elements, that space in sound, chilled out dubstep, electronica goes mainstream etc. Tank, like Blake is a very talented producer. He makes everything sound beautiful, spaced out and interesting.

Oliver Tank is from Sydney, Australia and his debut EP ‘Dreams’ was released late last year on Yes Please records, take a listen and download here. Two of the tracks, and probably my two highlights, feature vocals from Fawn Myers (who I unfortunately can’t see does any solo work). The chemistry between their two voices is quite stunning. Oliver will be heading to the UK in May to play some gigs, including a slot at the Great Escape festival. He is definitely on my list of bands to see at that festival. A second EP is scheduled for later this year.


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