Been Listening #11

My listening at the moment is pretty solidly based around Hannah Cohen and The Civil Wars. When will this end? Who knows! But here is some other things that have reached my ears recently which I thought i’d share with you guys.

Vacationer- Good as New

A lot of hype around these guys at the moment (SXSW hype band 2012?). This song is great, love the strings and the dreamy, dubby video. Check out their other stuff too, I like everything I’ve heard so far. Check out this super great interactive website-


This lady has a great voice, very dreamy. She’s from Finland and you can tell it’s Scandinavian- there is that Austra, Lykke Li, Amanda Mair thing going on. It’s great when the electronic beat kicks in- Ellie Goulding ish. My friend Robin at Breaking More Waves just did a post about the original of this song, Boys Boys Boys by Sabrina, definite coincidence as you will see when you look at why he wrote about it.

Emma Madden- After/Qualia (free download)

This is a demo song from a 16 year old songstress from Berkshire. She just put this song on her Soundcloud page and it’s absolutely divine. Her voice is fresh and the unusual offbeat guitar parts and melodies have a really unique sound. Gorgeous.

I Am Harlequin- Wild One

This is very nice. Her voice is pretty Florence- it’s got soul. The song is a sweepingly gorgeous piano ballad. Her other songs are a little more upbeat- check it out here.

Clean Bandit- Birch 

I posted a video from this band in the last Been Listening post I did. The slightly manic cross genre UK Shanty. This song, Birch, is taken from their EP which you can listen to on Soundcloud. It’s more chilled and makes more sense (not that I am saying UK Shanty is bad because it doesn’t make sense- that’s why it’s good!).


I will leave you with some Bonobo, for good chilled out Spring nights.


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  1. independentmusicpromotions

    Great picks Anna. The Emma Madden track was strangely deep – beautiful stuff. Music could use more of that.

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