New Treat #94: Henry Skewes

Just like every other music blogger, I get A LOT of emails from bands and PR people asking me to listen to new music. A large amount of it gets deleted instantly, but occasionally you come across a gem, no matter how rough that gem may be, you hear something that makes you stop and listen some more. It’s these emails why I still listen to the music in every single new music email I get sent. And why my ears were first introduced to past New Treats such as Lanterns on the Lake, Big Deal, Alice Jemima and Town Hall.

Henry Skewes is another artist who sent me an email asking me to take a listen to a few recordings he has made, and one of the few that made me stop, listen, and think that it was good enough to share it with you. Henry is from North London, and has only a few recordings on his Soundcloud page, most of which are quite rough around the edges. But it was his songwriting, particularly on the songs ‘Middle of the Road’ and ‘Coming Home’, which grabbed me. He immediately reminds me of Ryan Adams, both in his songwriting and his voice. Vocally he has quite a Americana twang, but he is incredibly natural sounding, you can tell he can just sing, and isn’t trying to sound like anyone else, which is very refreshing.

The tracks at the moment are very stripped down, ‘Middle of the Road’ suits this best, with its fingerpicking guitar line repeated and his voice sounding clear and strong. ‘Hard Loving’ is a very strong song, but the recording is unfortunately poor, but it has potential, the vocal harmonies could be built to something much bigger sounding. ‘Coming Home’ and ‘I Could be Your Only Boy’ are also very strong basis for songs, both melodically and lyrically beautiful. He’s a diamond in the rough, but there is time and a lot of potential to smooth this up round the edges and turn it into something very gorgeous indeed.

Middle of the Road

Coming Home



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