My Musical Profile: Belleruche

The wonderful Belleruche will be releasing a new single on 26th March, it’s called ‘Stormbird’ and it’s a lovely listen. The band also play a show at London’s Scala on May 22nd and play as part of the Soundwave Croatia line-up in July. I look forward to catching them at the festival. DJ Modest from the band was kind enough to answer a musical profile for me.

Listen to Stormbird:

My Favorite band/artist:

Damn that’s hard… if I had to pick one set of albums from my collection and consign the rest to the wilds I’d probably go for Lightning Hopkins… or Buck 65, can I have 2 please…

 My Favorite album:

Beastie Boys – Pauls Boutique. That album invented music production for me. Full stop.

My Favorite song:

F**k me this is difficult, I’ve just spent about 40mins on the last two questions. So I’ve just walked over the records and picked one – Mos Def & Talib Kweli – ‘Definition’

My Favorite gig:

Sons & Daughters, ICA, 2005. I had no idea who they were, or what they did, and was only there because I knew the support band. Then they absolutely floored me, I think it was their first show in London too.

My Favorite lyric:

Has to be Buck 65:

I once knew a women who was clever and tough
Who said too much make up was never enough
Her eyelids were heavy with words and desire
She lives underwater with the birds and the fire
It just so happens I’m selling my psyche
If you like love you’ll love this, most likely

My Favorite new band/artist: 

I like what Breton are doing, and a lot of the weirder stuff on Static Caravan records like The Dark Sky Singers, and Lux Harmonium… also like Pulled Apart By Horses new single… we’re pretty varied in our tastes in the band…

My Dream festival line-up:

Sons & Daughters, Public Enemy, Buck 65, Lightning Hopkins, The White Stripes, Johnny Cash and Marc Bolan, but it would have to be in somewhere like Plastic People in London. Small and underground with a great soundsystem.

Right now I love:

Peanut butter toast and a Box of Dub compilation from Soul Jazz Records.


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