Been Listening #10

The Civil Wars- Barton Hollow

I have completely fallen in love with the debut record from The Civil Wars, Barton Hollow. It’s a dark and beautiful collection of song. Rough Trade best described it as ‘Theirs are songs that remind us hearts are there to be broken; that every neck has its noose; that one man’s poison is another’s wine; that loneliness remembers what happiness forgets; that, c’est la vie, such is life; that, c’est la mort, such is death’.

And Londoners, they are playing a free in store at Rough Trade East on Thursday (8th March).

Alice Jemima- All the Boyfriends

Another gorgeous little song from Alice Jemima who is fast turning into one of my favourite unsigned artists around at the moment.

Bart Constant- Do Better (Animals Make Me Angry)

I found this track through Simon Raymonde’s radio show. Pretty stunning I think.

The Wooden Sky- Malibu Rum (free download)

A lovely little song, very catchy and his voice is beautiful. If anyone is in the US, the band are doing quite an extensive tour over the next few months. You can see all the dates here.

Clean Bandit- UK Shanty

This track mixes just about every genre around at the moment. So experimental but it works really well. Cool video too.

Tea Leigh

Someone dropped me a link to this lady, so pretty, so sweet. A lovely listen. This song is called ‘I will make you tea’. She is from Boston and you can listen to all her tracks here.

Elliot Smith

Going through a big Elliot Smith phase at the moment. I find some of his stuff quite difficult to listen to, his voice is so heartbreaking, especially in demo tracks. This song has this really great line in it which goes ‘I’m never gonna know you now, but I’m gonna love you anyhow’.


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