New Treat #89: Greta Isaac

A few days ago I featured Jodie Goffe, a 16 year old singer songwriter with heaps and heaps of potential. And here is another one for you, the stunning Greta Isaac. Greta hails from Cardiff and has one of those ridiculously pure voices, she’s like a lone member of The Staves. Team that with adorable melodies, wrapped in cotton wool and dipped in honey. It’s ridiculously sweet, but ridiculously lovely too. There is a hint of Laura Marling there, but also hits of James Taylor like songwriting, and more Americana influences.

Of the songs on her Soundcloud page, ‘Signs’ which is a demo, is my favourite. Luxuriously delicate and a step up lyrically from the earlier tracks. ‘Feet up off the Ground’ is gorgeous and the most country sounding of the lot- from this you’d think she was destined to be Wales’s answer to Taylor Swift. ‘Don’t Go’ and ‘My Book’ continue the gorgeousness, her voice being particularly strong in ‘My Book’ and the vocal melody on the line ‘I told you to be honest, but to be honest is not what I want’ is absolutely sublime.

I look forward to seeing what this young lady does next, what a stunning, stunning start.

Signs (demo)

Don’t Go


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