New Treat #88: Wild Belle

When The Guardian wrote about Wild Belle in their ‘New Band of the Day‘ series, they wrote ‘a band that bloggers from Brighton to Brooklyn will drool over’. Well here I am, drooling over this song ‘Keep You’ by the Chicago based duo. Natalie Bergman and Elliot Bergman (relationship not known) are set to be the next crazily hyped new band. Maybe.

‘Keep You’ the first single released by the band, shows lots of reggae beats, weird synth pop sounds, a bit of woozyness and Natalie’s vocals which range from sounding a bit Lana Del Rey and more earthy spoken tones. It’s quite a weird mixture of things, and actually reminds me most of artists like The Specials and Manu Chao rather than pop artists. ‘Take Me Away’ the b-side to the single is slightly more chilled out, and less reggae. The saxophone is both songs, played by Elliot Bergman is a wonderful addition.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this band, they fit in well with a lot of the super hyped bands of last year such as Friends and Lana Del Rey, I think we need to wait for more songs before calling them the next ‘hype band’. For the moment, you can download the single and b-side from iTunes right now.

Keep You

Take Me Away



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