New Treat #87: Jodie Goffe

When I first heard Jodie Goffe this past weekend, I felt quite blown away. And it seems the people at Smugglers Records did too. They saw her play one song at an open mic slot at a comedy night, she bewitched them, so much so, that they have just released her debut EP ‘The Day the Moon Left’. Produced by Paul Clifford, the 6 tracks give quite a stunning introduction to this 16 year old, whose talent is already beyond her years and whose potential is quite astonishing.

The EP highlights Jodie’s poetic talent, warm voice and the light instrumentation beautifully accompanies the finger-picking guitar lines. Highlights ‘He Will Be Young’ (video below) and ‘Searching to be Lost’ (stream below) shine through. Both songs with wisdom and beauty far beyond a girl of only 16. The rest of the tracks do not fall far behind, ‘Bird Song’ in particular has a gorgeous vocal melody. There are moments in the EP where the delicacy of her voice shows her age, but there is always time for growth vocally (listen to Laura Marling at 16- it’s like a different person). I think this girl has some serious potential- I can’t wait to watch her grow. Welcome to my new obsession!

You can now purchase the EP, digitally or on CD by following this link or search on iTunes.



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