Been Listening #9

Anais Mitchell- Young Man in America

An absolutely stunning new album from Anais Mitchell was released last Monday, entitled ‘Young Man in America. The highlight is the sublime ‘Coming Down’ but this song is also beautiful. Highly recommend buying the whole album, lovely packaging too.

BOY- Drive Darling session

Really liking everything this band do. Her voice is so strong yet pretty. Check the New Treat I wrote about them for more info.

Adventure Galley- Weekend Lovers

Kurt Vile fronts Arcade Fire? Pretty damn good whatever it sounds like, and most definitely ones to watch.

Field of Wolves- Don’t Explain

Something really refreshing about this, I’m a fan. Will be interesting to see what she does next.

Jethro Fox- Before

This song massively exploded on Hype Machine a while ago. Jethro Fox has now released a video for the song which was filmed in a little church and features accompaniment from Dan Croll…

Dan Croll- Home

Absolutely beautiful song! Dan Croll is a young chap from Liverpool and I think he could have a bright future ahead of him.

Sorcha Richardson- Midnight Whistle

Absolutely gorgeous song from this young lady who hails from Dublin but is living in NYC. You can find her on Facebook here.

Town Hall- Always on Time (Ja Rule & Ashanti cover)

Another ace cover from the lovely Town Hall band. You can also watch the very nicely made video here.

Smith Westerns- Dye it Blonde

Super enjoying this album at the moment. Lots of brilliant melodies and summer vibes. This is probably my favourite song at the moment.



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2 responses to “Been Listening #9

  1. Great blog… I just found about it today on Twitter from a comment by @daverawkblog. I’m a big fan of folk/alt/indie music myself, & have found a lot of new acts to check out.

    By the way, I just learned about Anais Mitchell recently myself. She’s from Vermont, and that’s her father on the album cover, holding a sheep. (He apparently raises sheep, or used to; I found this out from a podcast interview with her here:

    I’m a music blogger myself and have added your site to my blogroll. You’ve given me lots of great new music to listen to!
    Dave B

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