New Treat #86: Gross Magic

Since it feels quite like summer today, I thought I’d introduce you to something which sounds like summer…

2011 saw a explosion of boys in bands making woozy, grungy, lo-fi pop music. The best examples are Girls, Real Estate and The War On Drugs, all which did very well in end of year album polls, and dispute my general dislike for indie music, have found their way into my CD collections. The trick with this new explosion is in the songwriting, and in the melodies. Gross Magic could be the UK’s answer to this explosion. Gross Magic is Brighton based Sam McGarrigle. He released his first EP ‘Teen Jamz’ last year on Purple 12″ vinyl which has now sold out, but you can still stream the whole thing here.

The first track from the EP ‘We’re Awake Tonight’ sounds like either Elton John on a lot of drugs, or Kurt Cobain after some heavy ELO listening. ‘Sweetest Touch’, which is undoubtedly the highlight of the EP, starts with an infectious guitar riff and the sounds of the woozy vocals have summer written all over them. It’s pop, but it’s cool and I think that’s why these bands have been so successful, and why Gross Magic might be the next to produce a very good debut album.


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