New Treat #83: Hella Better Dancer

Hella Better Dancer are a young 4-piece from London whose dreamy female fronted sound has me hooked. Fronted by Tilly Scantlebury, whose PJ Harvey meets Daughter style vocals float over heavy melodic drifting guitars. The effect is fuzzy, dark and pretty gorgeous songs.

The band release a new EP entitled ‘Living Room’ next Monday. You can listen to the opening track ‘Brother’ now, and I can guarantee you that the rest doesn’t disappoint either, a really beautiful release for such a young band. It also sounds like a big step up from their previous releases. Could be an exciting band to watch. Catch them around London at the following venues:

Feb 23rd- The Silver Bullet

March 8th- Proud, Camden

March 15th- The Lock Tavern, Camden



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