New Treat #82: Hannah Grace

Twenty years ago, to get anyone to notice you or to get signed by a label, you would have to send demos to A & R scouts or plays heaps of gigs and hope that someone spotted you. Now we have the internet it’s much easier, you can simply pop a video on YouTube, a song on Soundcloud and send it in an email to a load of press and music bloggers and hope to get a bit of hype around you. You never even have to leave your bedroom and you could be a super star. This has increased the rise of ‘YouTube sensations’ people who become famous from posting, mostly covers, on YouTube and getting a heap load of hits. Gabrielle Aplin, Justin Beiber and Jessie J have all come from this generation, but a lot of these YouTube covers artists fall a little flat when it comes to writing their own songs, Hannah Grace however, like Gabrielle stands out a mile.

She has one of those stop everything voices, like Rae Morris or Adele. One of those voices that the X Factor would fall head over heels for (although I hope that is not where she goes). She’s still got a long way to go, but the few original songs on her YouTube channel show that she is more than just the voice, she can write a pretty damn beautiful melody too. ‘All that I Am’ is by far the strongest song at the moment, ‘I’ve Got It’ has more of a musical theatre feel. It will be interesting to see where she goes, she has heaps of potential, I just hope she uses it in the right way.

Hannah at the moment has not recorded anything and has no listed gigs coming up, it’s really the very beginning for her. But keep an ear out, I will be.


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