Album Review: Hannah Cohen- Child Bride

It’s a rare and beautiful thing to find an album, and fall completely, unconditionally, head over heels in love with it. This is how I feel about this record, Child Bride, the first release from Hannah Cohen. This LP arrived on my doorstep on Saturday and has not left my turntable since. I cannot listen to anything else at the moment, nothing sounds as good as this. She has created pure beauty.

The album weaves between tear drenched tracks, soaked in emotion and guaranteed to spark something in you, tracks like ‘The Crying Game’, ‘Sorry’ and opening track ‘Don’t Say’. There are more upbeat numbers like the summery sounding ‘California’, and ‘Boy + Angel’ a cover of a Doveman track, who produced the whole record. There isn’t a track which shies away from the limelight, each deserves its place and its the connections between the tracks on the record, and the atmosphere it creates as a whole album that is so beautiful. The production is flawless, earthy yet ethereal, dark yet light. Hannah collected some of New York’s best musicians for this project and it pays off. The clarinet works incredibly with her voice, especially on ‘Don’t Say’, the strings, horns and orchestral flourishes never override the songs, only compliment. But it’s her voice that gets me so much, she sings so simply, so elegantly, yet heartbreakingly so.

Go and buy this record, soak your heart in it and I hope you find as much love in it as I have. And buy it on vinyl, it deserves vinyl.

‘Child Bride’ is officially released on April 23rd via Bella Union records. There are a few places online selling limited exclusive copies of the record, you can find these here. Hannah will also be playing at the lovely End of the Road festival in September.




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6 responses to “Album Review: Hannah Cohen- Child Bride

  1. thats a beautiful review anna thank you. i agree with every word too. genuinely a heartfelt piece.


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