Been Listening #8

Bella Union’s Winter Mixtape

So we got some snow this weekend! This mixtape provides a perfect accompaniment to that snow, all wintery gorgeousness.. It starts in a beautiful place with Hannah Cohen’s ‘The Crying Game’ and continues with chilled folk, electronica, trippy stuff and even some classical music. Plus it’s free to download! Click on the picture to access the download.

Ajimal- Footnote to Love

A while back, I featured Ajimal as a New Treat. You can see that post here. He has just released a new single which is called ‘Footnote to Love [Part 1]. It’s a little different but I really like the direction he is going in, his voice is great and he has so much potential as a songwriter. It’s great to see new artists get better and better.

Kathleen Edwards- Change the Sheets

I saw Kathleen Edwards support Bon Iver at Hammersmith Apollo in October. Her set was nice, I really liked her voice, but there was something missing about it, and it certainly didn’t have the mesmerising quality of the act to follow her. She has just released an album which has been produced by Bon Iver, but doesn’t actually sound a lot like the music of Bon Iver. Which I think is a good thing. This song, ‘Change the Sheets’ reminds me of Alanis Morissette. It’s quite addictive, sign of some great pop song writing.


SEASFIRE played Communion last night. This song stood out a mile for me compared to their other tracks. People are describing them as the UK’s answer to the Weeknd, I sort of get that vibe, I think they have potential.

Nightlands- Suzerain (A Letter to the Judge)

Someone posted this on my Facebook wall and I fell in love a little. Unfortunately, the rest of their songs aren’t as good as this one. But still, listen. Like a hippie version of The War on Drugs.

Father John Misty- Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman, who has just left Fleet Foxes to start his own solo career. This is the first song released to the world and it’s a strong start. It’s got glimmers of Fleet Foxes but is overall pretty different, more of a San Fran 70’s rock vibe.

Kishi Bashi- Bright Lights

I think this song is SO great. It’s got lots of weird Eastern influences but also sounds like a Macca track. Kishi Bashi ran a pledge campaign and managed to make over $20,000 to make his debut album, which is going to be released in April.

Julia Holter- In the Same Room

Some gorgeous ethereal chamber pop from LA based Julia Holter who pitchfork have been harping on about. She is releasing her second album on March 8th, and it’s apparently a big step up from her first record.

Linda Perhacs- Parrallograms

This record is one of those forgotten albums that was recorded and released in the 1970’s, no one took any notice, and then someone rediscovered it in 2003 and rereleased. It’s a really interesting record, pretty in places and psychedelic and weird in others.


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