New Treat #79: SoKo

I’ve been harping on about SoKo for ages, but since I keep having the urge to write more and more about her, I thought I’d just let it all out in one big feature. SoKo has been making music for ages but will release her debut album entitled ‘I Thought I Was an Alien’ on the 20th Feb. In 2007 she had her first ‘hit’ (of sorts) with ‘I’ll Kill Her’ which got big in Denmark, Australia and Belgium strangely enough. Despite SoKo being French, but now living in LA. In 2009, she announced on her myspace page that she was quitting music and is ‘dead’. She came back to it though, declaring that the pressures of the music industry made her follow her other career in acting for a few years.

Her music is seriously lovely, slightly quirky and overall just my cup of tea. I am also a bit fan of all the styling and the videos. The video for ‘First Love Never Dies’ was released yesterday and it is probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen (see below).

SoKo tours the UK in March, including a stop at London’s Union Chapel.


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