Been Listening #7

The Maccabees- Given to the Wild

On Tuesday I went to Koko’s MTV New for 2012 gig. I went to see Lana Del Rey, but she cancelled so I was left with Charlie XCX and The Maccabees, two bands I previously felt quite sceptical about. I always thought The Maccabees were your typical indie pop outfit, and I think their first album was precisely that. But they have evolved over time and their new stuff is brilliant. They have fantastic stage presence, something I don’t say much of indie music. Check out the song ‘We Grew Up at Midnight’ which they played last and is my favourite.

Alice Jemima- Today

Ahh the gorgeous sounds of Alice Jemima. This new song is undoubtedly one of her finest. Such lovely melodies.

Mazzy Star- Fade into You

This song is really quite old, and really quite famous, but I’ve only just discovered it. I really like their sound a lot.

Hospitality- Half an Apple

Hospitality just released their debut self-titled album. It’s pretty Best Coast ish, but not as happy jolly girly sounding. I’m not that into it but I absolutely love this song. It sounds like so many great things from the 1970’s.

Sea of Bees- Broke

I love love love love Sea of Bees. I think she has such a great voice, and is such a good songwriter. Live, they are charming and graceful. Really underrated band. Their second album ‘Orangefarben’ is set for an April UK release on Heavenly Recordings. But lucky for us, we can hear one of the tracks from it now! It doesn’t disappoint, and shows a growth in sound from the first record.

Karen Dalton- Reason to Believe 

I went into Rough Trade earlier this week to buy the First Aid Kit album and came out with two other albums as well (standard). One of those albums was called Karen Dalton- 1966, a collection of lost recordings by Karen Dalton. Karens voice is one of my favourites, their are glimmers of Billie Holiday in it but it’s incredibly unique as well. This album was on one of those headphone things and I put the headphones on and pressed play and was mesmerised by the beauty of this song. It’s the line ‘Knowing that you lied straight faced while I cried’. So I purchased this album. This reason, along with many others, is why record shops need to survive. Otherwise I may never have come across the sweet sounds of this song. It’s been covered by a lot of other people from The Carpenters to Rod Stewart, but it’s only this version which gets me like the lyrics should.


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