New Treat #76: David McCaffrey

David McCaffrey is a 17 year old lad from York, with quite a gift for acoustic-pop songwriting. He has already started making a few ripples, with Ed Sheeran tweeting about him a week or so ago, but I predict soon he’ll be making some serious waves. A live acoustic version of the song ‘Stars’ have clocked up over 23,000 views on YouTube, not too bad for someone who has never released a thing. As well as Ed Sheeran, you could draw comparisons with Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Ben Howard and Ryan Adams. He’s got such a talent for melody writing, that’s what’s special about him. And his lyrics are relatable. I think a lot of teenage girls could fall head over heels.

David is releasing his first EP entitled ‘Stars’ sometime soon, and he’s got a couple of York dates coming up. Keep an eye and an ear out for David McCaffrey.



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