My Musical Profile: BOY

I first wrote about BOY back in November of last year. I feel in love with their song ‘Little Numbers’, which is catchy, summery and all round great. It’s also got a beautifully shot video. The album ‘Mutual Friends’ is being released in the UK on April 12th and they are releasing an EP of acoustic sessions at the end of this month. For now though, you can grab a free download of ‘This is the Beginning’ below. The band kindly filled out a musical profile for me, and we have incredibly similar taste in music!

My Favorite band/artist: It’s so hard to choose just one!! You’ll find many of them in my dream festival line up.

My Favorite album: Bon Iver by Bon Iver is the one I´ve been listening to the most lately

My Favorite song: at the moment: Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire

My Favorite gig: I once saw Feist at a pretty small festival in Germany, about six years ago. Her band somehow didn’t make it so she went on stage all by herself and played the most amazing and impressive show.

My Favorite lyric: “People are just people. (…) People are just people like you.” (Regina Spektor)

My Favorite new band/artist: Jack Beauregard, especially this song:

My Dream festival line-up: Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Phoenix, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Suzanne Vega, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Cat Power, Feist, Rickie Lee Jones, The Broken Social Scene, Camille

My Right now I love: The flowers I bought for my apartment because I’ll be at home for longer than a week!


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