Been Listening #6

George Harrison

This week I watched the George Harrison documentary ‘Living in a Material World’, which was made by Martin Scorsese. It’s a truly wonderful depiction of his life and I’d recommend anyone with an interest in George or The Beatles to take a few hours out of your life to watch it.  Watching it has sparked a lot of George Harrison listening, especially to the ‘All Things Must Pass’ album, which I have on vinyl and is one of my favourite albums of all time.

Loon Lake- In The Summer

Each year, I go through the same sort of phase in the middle of winter- a massive craving for the summer months. This song is so summery it’s untrue. Loon Lake are an Aussie band and make super happy fuzzy indie sort of stuff, it’s great I think.

Keaton Henson- You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are (free download)

Keaton Henson has been featured on a lot of ‘Ones to Watch’ lists which surprised me as his music isn’t commercial at all. This song, ‘You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are’ sounds like a classic Ryan Adams song aka wonderful.

White Denim- D

This album was on my ‘Albums of 2011’ list at No. 16. It’s such a great record, loads of psychedelic influences and flute solos and the likes. I’ve been listening to this album again a lot. I really like the last track which is called ‘Keys’, its much more chilled than the others. I think White Denim are a massively underrated band.

Jake Bugg

I came across Jake Bugg by chance the other day. He’s only a young chap, only 17, but has an incredibly unique voice and is a very talented songwriter. I’d keep an eye out.

First Aid Kit- The Lion’s Roar

Today, Swedish sisters released their second album ‘The Lion’s Roar’ in the UK. They have such a wonderful sound and it’s really developed since the first record. I love ‘Emmylou’ so much. They also play an in-store at Rough Trade East, if I wasn’t going to see Lana Del Rey/The Maccabees, that is where I would be.

Etta James

Etta James died this week, very sad, she gave us so many wonderful songs and her voice is incredible. Bit of a cliche, but ‘At Last’ is my favourite.


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