Why I Love #2: Sibylle Baier- Colour Green

There are certain albums in the world that effect a lot of people, from Joni Mitchell’s Blue, to Pink Floyd’s The Wall, to newer albums like Bon Iver’s For Emma and Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black. These albums, and so many more obvious examples, had a big effect, both emotionally and musically on a lot of people’s lives.

Some albums however, get lost in transit a little and so don’t reach the ears of millions and so don’t have this same impact and attention. But for those who do hear them, they really get something special out of that record. This is how I feel about this album, ‘Colour Green’ by Sibylle Baier. You may have never have heard of Sibylle Baier before and that doesn’t surprise me. But by the end of this I hope you will go away and maybe also find something special of your own in this record.

Sibylle Baier wrote and recorded the songs from this album in the early 1970’s in Germany, where she is from. They were never released and Sibylle chose to spend her life raising a family in America. Some 35 years later, her son found these recordings and sent them to the independent record label Orange Twin Records, who released the recordings as Sibylle’s first album ‘Colour Green’. Slowly, people began to discover this album, and praise for the record grew. Sibylle is very over whelmed by all of this and so it is still her son who runs her website etc. Since the release of the album, she has started writing music again and so a second record could be possible.

The songs on this record are dark, dreary and have a mysterious quality about them. All incredibly simply recorded and most very short tracks, it’s the level of emotion in her voice and words that gets me about this album. The songs ring echoes of troubled longing and love lost. The doubt a young woman has about her life, yet still with a hopefulness and sense of love at life. Their is also an intimacy about the tracks, it sounds like no one was ever meant to hear these songs, she wrote them for herself and so it is an incredibly honest record.

I listen to this record quite often, and at 10:05 on a Sunday evening, I had an urge to listen to these songs again, which is why I decided to share them with you. I hope you get something out of them as I do.



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5 responses to “Why I Love #2: Sibylle Baier- Colour Green

  1. Joshua Idehen

    She reminds me of Laura Darlington, from Long Lost. A Lot. Cheers.

  2. Phil Shaw

    Why I love flying with Anna ……………………….
    Because I would never find gems such as this flying solo !
    Thank You for all your work. It is very much appreciated & when I win the lottery you will be rewarded !

  3. I have loved this album since I bought it several years ago. I believe it is the best folk album, just edging out Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. I listen to a lot of things that may be polarizing, but if someone told me they disliked this album, it simply would not compute.

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