New Treat #74: The Hall Of Mirrors

I do have a bit of a dislike of when journalists/bloggers compare artists to others. Especially when the comparisons are really lazy and don’t actually sound anything like the band itself. For example, we seem to be in a haze at the moment where EVERY female singer with a slightly quirky voice is named ‘the next Kate Bush’ (although please note that I am probably just as guilty of this as any other!).

However, occasionally you do come across a band that reminds you of so many other things that you can’t help but just compare them to loads and loads of other bands. So this band are for fans of The Carpenters, Jefferson Airplane, Kate Bush (yes I did just compare them to Kate Bush after going on about how I hate it when female singers get compared to Kate Bush…) and Hannah Peel. Like the sound of that? Read on.

The Hall of Mirrors is the project of London based singer and songwriter Jessica Winter. Clearly heavily inspired by the 1960’s, both in music and style, the bands music mixes between cutesy dream pop and full blown psychedelia. A lot of the songs are really catchy and I think they have a really interesting sound. They are releasing their first EP in February 2012 and it could be very interesting indeed. They play lots of gigs regularly around London, a good sign of a hard working band.



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