New Treat #73: David Ramirez

This last year, people went a bit crazy for homegrown, raw soul pop music. Adele is the most obvious example, but The Civil Wars, Michael Kiwanuka and many others also fit into this category. I think it was a rebellian against too much production in music, people got a bit sick of it and started falling back in love with music which came from an honest and true place. David Ramirez is another artist which I can imagine a lot of people falling in love with. He is from Texas, but prefers to spend his life on the road, describing himself as ‘a wandering man’.

His music is beautiful, folk infused pop. It’s got that country Americana feel about it too. His voice is battered and bruised and a little Nathaniel Rateliff without the belting power. Most importantly, it’s heartbreaking and full of emotion. I am surprised that he doesn’t already have a larger following, but maybe the best of him is still to come. The video of ‘Shoeboxes’ below is absolutely stunning.

He has already released a full length debut album ‘American Soil’ and you can also download a full free album from his website.


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