New Treat #72: Nneka

I have just spent my morning strolling through the 65 bands which SXSW are showcasing in 2012. I found a couple of things which I liked, but this is the only thing that got me excited and really stood out as being something new and original.

Nneka is half German, half Nigerian and was brought up in Warri, Nigeria. She spent the first 19 years of her life soaking up the music and culture of Nigeria, but at 19 she moved to Hamberg in Germany and although she felt incredibly overwhelmed by Western culture, it was where her talent was first noticed. Her soulful voice and raw honest songwriting have already caught the hearts of many and she released her third album ‘Soul is Heavy’ last year.

The first thing I thought when I heard her music was Lauryn Hill, who she sites as an influence. But hip-hop, dance beats and reggae are all noticeably in her musical development as an artist. The song ‘My Home’ below was the first song I came across, a belting soul ballad with some jazz reggae beats underlying the song. All her music has a heart, it’s raw and it’s real and that is what sets her apart from other pop stars at the moment.

Something a bit different, but I hope you enjoy anyway!


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