New Treat #70: Town Hall

Town Hall are not the usual band you’d except to come out of Brooklyn. They sound more like they might have spent their lives living in forests and snowy mountains. They make sweet, dreamy and original folk pop music. Their new EP ‘Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps’ blends quirky melodies, stunning boy-girl harmonies and interesting and unexpected instrumentation. The first track ‘Just Holding My Breath’ opens with Phoebe Ryan’s stunning voice which turns from being sweet and pure to having almost Joanna Newsom-like quirks.

The whole EP is a wonderful listen, featuring woodwind and string parts which perfectly accompany the band. The third track ‘Pandora’ almost has a country sounding influence and Mary A. Longden moves further away from folk pop with some heavier sounds, electric instruments and pounding drums. ‘Charlie’ is sweeter again with the lush string parts returning. The only band I could draw a lot of similarity from is Australia’s The Middle East.

You can download the whole EP for free (or name your price) from their Bandcamp page or below.



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