New Treat #69: Alice Jemima

I went to the Breakout for Music Week gig last night at Camden Proud. I went down to see this lady and also the lovely Peter & Kerry, it was a really nice gig set up. Alice Jemima completely stole the show for me. On stage she has a shyness which is intriguing and when she sings she is sweet, engaging and a delight to behold. I think I was smiling through her whole set.

Alice Jemima’s music is innocent, girlie and charmingly sweet folk-pop. She plays a Hofner guitar and her voice is gentle and fragile. She sings about heartbreak but in an optimistic way. I’d compare her to Lisa Mitchell and also Lucy Rose. She has been working with producer Andy Chatterley who has worked with artists as diverse as Kylie, Kanye and Nerina Pallot. He has built up her tracks from simple guitar/voice tracks to something with a much fuller sound. I think both ways work for her well. Oh, and she’s only 18!

She has some of the loveliest videos I have ever seen and gave out some super cute handmade business cards. You can tell she puts love and care into her brand as an artist which I really like.



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