New Treat #68: Pale Seas

I think to make is as any sort of a ‘guitar band’ now you have to do something different and interesting. Pale Seas are doing just that, mixing dream pop, folk songwriting with some good old indie sounds. I caught Pale Seas at Communion this past Sunday and they were one of the best guitar based bands I’ve come across in a long while. Originally from Southampton and now based in London, the band previously called themselves ‘Netherlands’ but have now gone with ‘Pale Seas’ which I think suits their sound.

They are releasing a single called ‘Something or Nothing’ through Fear & Records on Feb 13th.  The song is dreamy gorgeousness with an equally great b-side, ‘Amour’. You can pre-order the 7” single here. Live, they play much heavier and they really do put on a fantastic show, I’d recommend going and catching one of their gigs. The simple drum parts work well with intricate guitar parts, stings and boy-girl harmonies. They have quite a few UK tour dates coming up, and quite a few are free. In London they play…

24th Jan- The Lexington with Radical Face – SOLD OUT

12th March- Sebright Arms- Free Entry with single pre-order



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