New Treat #67: Gabrielle Aplin

When I first heard this lady I wasn’t sure it was my sort of thing. But she has grown and grown on me, and having just released a pretty stunning EP, I thought it was time she was featured.

Gabrielle Aplin is only 19 years old and hails from Bath. She started her career as a bit of an internet sensation, posting videos of covers of songs by artists as diverse as Katy Perry, Bon Iver and You Me at Six. I have heard her being tipped as the next Adele, or a female Ed Sheeran, but I think she fills a gap that KT Tunstall last covered a few years ago. It’s folk pop music, but it’s credible and it’s original. Gabrielle has the potential to break the charts, sell out Hammersmith Apollo, play the pyramid stage at Glastonbury and still have an audience ranging from 16 year old girls to their parents. Her voice is strong and sweet, and the instrumentation is folk-rock, and a little Mumford & Sons minus the banjo in places.

Her new EP ‘Home’ is now available on iTunes. The title track ‘Home’ is also iTunes single of the week which means you can go and download it for free. She could have a bright future ahead of her and at only 19, their surely is some incredible things to come from her. There are also a lot of pretty incredible acoustic videos of her songs on YouTube.

Gabrielle tours the UK in Feb/March including a headline show at London’s Bush Hall.



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