Been Listening #4

Keren Ann- Lay Your Head Down

This song is so nice. I’ve never listened to Keren Ann before but this song sounds very familiar. The video is gorgeous, it was filmed in Dead Sea in Israel.

Josephine Foster

I have listened to a lot of Josephine Foster on and off for the last few years. Her voice is one of my favourites. I always thought she was around writing in the 1960’s, the music sounds that way and the imagery of it all has that feel. Turns out she’s actually a 21st century artist. She has lots of lovely songs with lovely lyrics. ‘All I Wanted was the Moon’ is one I have been listening to a lot, the title is lovely and the song is too. The song ‘There are eyes above’ has a Billie Holiday sound to it.

Mariee Sioux- Wild Eyes

Mariee Sioux is from California, she is from a Native American family and this comes across wonderfully on this song.

Gabrielle Aplin- Home

This lady is tipped for a lot of success. She’s grown on me, its a bit more pop than what I’d usually lend my ears to, but the melodies on this song are great and so is her voice. Pretty impressive from a 19-year-old.

Deux Filles- The Letter

This album is a weird and wonderful one. This song is the most ‘normal’ from the collection but check out the rest and the back story of the whole thing, it’s an interesting concept.

Billie Holiday- God Bless the Child

I have been listening to so much Billie Holiday on vinyl. It sounds wonderful. I love this song so much. This is the version on the record I have, I think it’s the best version.



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