Been Listening #3

First Aid Kit- Emmylou

Couldn’t be more excited for the new album from these two Swedish sisters, which is out at the end of this month. If the songs we’ve heard so far are anything to go by, its going to be a lovely flash back to 1969’s country hippie scene. This song is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and it’s already stuck in my head!

The Amazing Broken Man- Lullabies for Western Babies EP

I first mentioned the Amazing Broken Man ages and ages ago, I hoped they would get more recognition and make a really beautiful record, but when I had a look to see what they had done in the last few months, they appear to have gotten even more mysterious. You can download their EP ‘Lullabies for Western Babies’ for free from various places on the internet, its gorgeous and very relaxing. The song above is my favourite.

Lucy Rose- Red Face

The lovely Lucy Rose is releasing a new single called Red Face, it’s as lovely as everything she has previously released but also quite a bit heavier. She has two London headline shows coming up at Barfly and The Jazz Cafe, a Noah and the Whale support tour and her face is currently on the front of The Fly magazine. 2012 could be a very, very good year for Miss Lucy Rose.

Rachel Sermanni- The Fog

New video from the lovely Rachel Sermanni. The new recordings of her songs sound lovely with all the string parts.

Ren Harvieu- Sister Morphine

She has the voice of gold and the emotion of a pool of tears. This cover is stunning. She is playing a headline show at London’s Lexington on February 15th.

Doe Paoro- Can’t Leave You

I have a huge amount of love for this woman already. She’s so interesting and her music is so unusual yet so pop at the same time. I’ve posted this song before but here is the video, a gorgeous interpretation of light and dark, and the comparison of being trapped and being free.

Mark Fry- Dreaming With Alice

Mark Fry has a wonderful story behind him. He recorded this album ‘Dreaming With Alice’ in 1971 while studying painting in Italy. At the time, the record didn’t really go anywhere, and he had no further dealings with the record label after its release. He continued to record music and paint but released nothing for many years. He travelled for long periods around the US and Africa before returning to london to pursue his art career.

Unknown to him, ‘Dreaming for Alice’ was developing a sort of cult following, the highest price paid for an original record went for auction in 2009 for £2,327. A remastered version of the album has since been released by Sunbeam records and Mark Fry has now began making music again. In September 2011, he released his second album called ‘I Lived in Trees’. He plays Daytime music at Union Chapel on March 3rd.



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