Why I Love: An Introduction

As I have said before, I am starting quite a few new features on this blog for 2012. Why I Love is the next one of these new features. It’s basically going to be a series of posts about things I really love; albums, artists, songs, festivals or whatever else I might come up with.

This blog is a new music blog, and it will continue to be. There is so much new and wonderful music emerging all the time I love sharing that with you. But one thing that doesn’t come across on this blog is how much I love ‘old’ music, and artists which aren’t necessarily doing anything particularly blog worthy at the moment. This is where this feature of the blog comes in. It is not going to be a pretentious, ‘Here is everything I know about so-and-so’, it’s just going to be things that I love, and reasons why I love them.

Hopefully through it, you’ll find something which you too, can love. I hope that makes some sense. The first of these posts will be coming later today.

Thought I should include a song in this post, so here is the first song I ever favorited on YouTube.


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One response to “Why I Love: An Introduction

  1. Elhana

    The featured song is lovely! Thank you for introducing it to me.

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