New Treat #66: The Viking Progress

The Viking Progress is the work of Patrick Morales, who hails from Athens, Georgia. He wrote a bunch of songs while working on two fishing ships in the Bering Sea, the ships were called The Viking and The Progress. These songs have been collected in a record which is to be called ‘Whistling While the End is Near’ and features members of the Athens music community, including members of Neutral Milk Hotel. The record is being funded by a KickStarter campaign to raise some more money. The album is about the end of the world.

The songs are have an uplifting yet dark quality about them, they are heavily instrumented and extremely well written. I could draw comparisons with the first Fanfarlo record, Boy & Bear and Neutral Milk Hotel. Echos of Coldplay and Other Lives also run through some of the tracks. The use of horns and wind instruments works wonderfully. You can listen to a number of tracks on the Soundcloud. For a work in progress, the songs of The Viking Progress sound very well matured.


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One response to “New Treat #66: The Viking Progress

  1. Henrik

    thanks so much for sharing this with us here!
    I’m a huge fan of Neutral Milk Hotel and I really like the songs on the Viking Progress soundcloud so I decided to pledge some money to help fund his record. :] I think the Kickstarter method is great and I’m also backing one other project (Rocky Votolato) there.
    Thanks again for posting this! I also like Jonathan Wilson by the way. His songs are really looooooong, but so relaxing! And you were right, they do grow on you.
    Greets, Henrik

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