Blog Sound of 2012: Top 5

So you may well remember, before Christmas ,we announced who had made it onto the longlist for the Blog Sound of 2012. This was an alternative list to the BBC Sound of 2012, voted for by music bloggers, including myself. I am now delighted to announce the Top 5, and what a great 5 it is! I am especially happy that Friends came first and Daughter 5th, two artists I love the music of and have high hopes for.

I am also really pleased with how different it is from the BBC Sound of 2012, only Friends was included in that list from the five below. It will be interested to see who got it right at the end of the year. The top 5 of the BBC Sound of 2012 is also being announced today, so a blog on my verdict of that coming later.

1. Friends

2. Theme Park

3. Beth Jeans Houghton

4. French Wives

5. Daughter

Here again, is the list of bloggers that took part…

A Tidal Wave Of Indifference ,  Breaking More Waves, My Band Is Better Than Your Band,God Is In the TV,  Sweeping The Nation, The Von Pip Musical ExpressThe RecommenderFaded GlamourDrunken WerewolfFlying With Anna, Not Many Experts, Under-classed Idle IdeasSonic MasalaMudkissThe Ring MasterBoth Bars OnMusic From A Green WindowDots And Dashes, The Daily Growl,And Everyone’s A DJ,  Kowalskiy! Just Music I Like, Cruel Rhythms,  The Blue Walrus, Music Fans Mic17 SecondsEaten By Monsters,Seven Sevens, UnpeeledNuRave Brain Wave, Peenko, Music LiberationSong, By Toad.


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