Been Listening #2

Jonathan Wilson- Gentle Spirit

This is one record which I only briefly listend to when it was released. After reading an article about him in Uncut magazine, I decided to listen more closely. It takes time to grow on you, but it is an incredible record, I think he has filled a gap in music which people have been searching for since the early 70’s. It mixes influences of Crosby, Stills and Nash, Pink Floyd and Elliot Smith. I highly recommend spending some time to love this album.

Taylor Swift- Safe & Sound

My sisters is a huge fan of this lady and played me this song over Christmas. I don’t mind most of her music, but I never thought I’d be blogging about her. That’s until this song came along. Written for the Hunger Games and featuring The Civil Wars. Press play with an open mind.

Billie Holiday- Lover Man

I am currently reading Jack Keroac’s On the Road. This song was mentioned in the book and it wasn’t previously a Billie Holiday song that I was familiar with. I found a Billie Holiday record with this song on it in a charity shop just before Christmas and it is gorgeous. Her voice is so harrowing. It of course, sounds even better on vinyl.

Cat Power- Maybe Not

I think Cat Power has one of my favourite voices of recent years. She constantly sounds heartbroken, like sadness leaks out of her. I have been listening to ‘You Are Free’ a lot recently. It’s probably her most delicate albums. This is from that album, its one of my favourite Cat Power songs.

Simone Felice- New York Times (free download)

Simone Felice was a member of The Felice Brothers, who I have never actually took time to listen to. But he is now releasing a debut solo record, recorded with a little help from Mumford & Sons. This song is really beautiful, and reminds me of some R.E.M. stuff.


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