Been Listening #1

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas period and are looking forward to starting 2012. I have decided to start lots of new features for the new year, more info on that coming soon. But here’s a taster of one of them. It’s called Been Listening, and its basically a summery of what I’ve been listening to recently.

How To Dress Well- Just Once EP

How to Dress Well usually do electro/indie sort of stuff, which is pretty good. But then they made this EP which is stunningly good. Its orchestral versions of some of their songs. Some of it is quite heartbreaking, the song above is my highlight and you can listen and download the whole thing here.

The War On Drugs- Slave Ambient

A lot of people listed this in their Albums of the Year so I thought I’d check it out. Really good record, reminds of of Arcade Fire mixed with bits of the 70’s/80’s.

Needle- Oceans

I got send this lovely song from a San Francisco band called Needle, super dreamy. A little Daughter ish too. You can download this for free.

Rickie Lee Jones- On Saturday Afternoons in 1963

Rickie Lee Jones made music in the 80’s mostly, but its got a 70’s feel about it, this song is a lot slower and simpler than her other stuff i’ve listened to, and I’ve found a lot of love in it.


Shura recommended this one to me. Stumbleine‘s music is sort of chillwave, ambient, electronic etc. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a beautiful take on electronica. You can listen to a couple of EP’s and download them for free at the Bandcamp page.

Lana Del Rey- Driving in Cars with Boys and A Star for Nick

Been exploring all the Lana Del Rey songs hanging around YouTube. These two are my favourites. Listen to Driving in Cars With Boys here. The track about was apparently from when she was 17, its incredibly haunting and dark.



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2 responses to “Been Listening #1

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  2. stumbleine! great choice

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