Ones to Watch 2012: Part 3

11. Lucy Rose

Lovely Lucy Rose. Voice of an angel. Songs of a sweetheart. But she’s more than that, their is something deeper and darker about the music of Lucy Rose. She has now sung on two Bombay Bicycle Club albums, but 2012 will be time for Lucy to grow into her own success. I hope anyway.

12. The Staves

The music of the three Staves is breathtakingly beautiful. The three sisters create harmonies to die for, and songs to melt into. After seeing them three times at their Enterprise residency in Camden, it is clear to see that their debut will be going down a sort of ‘female Fleet Foxes’ direction. Which will be wonderful.

13. Peter and Kerry

Peter and Kerry is the collaborative project of two (very talented) solo artists. It’s got an urban edge, but the tunes of these two are pretty indie stuff. Over the last year, their has been a lot of boy-girl duos doing very well for themselves, these two have the potential to fill that slot in 2012.

14. Rae Morris

The amount of talent this girl has is incredible. Each time I have seen Rae Morris live, I am blown away. Flawless voice, songwriting maturity beyond her years. And only 18 years old. I think its fair to use the term ‘Adele’ potential. I don’t know if 2012 will be too early for an album, it might be a 2013 thing, but still, catch her now while you can.

15. Matt Corby

If the music world was measured on talent, not record sales, I recon Matt Corby would be a front runner. When I first saw Matt Corby live, its one of those experiences you’ll never really forget. Jeff Buckley meets Bon Iver but with a unique twist. He’s now released 4 EP’s so who knows if he’ll release another 4 before an album, but when it comes, I recon it’ll be special.

16. Doe Paoro

I found this lady after I’d already written my list, but really didn’t want to miss her off. So she’s No. 16. Doe Paoro makes ethereal, beautiful and incredible unique music mixing folk, piano balladry, alternative pop and dubstep. I love it, and with an album due at the end of January, it could be a great year for Doe.

Thats the end of my 16. Also check out Rachel Sermanni, Cold Specks, Giovanna and Delilah.


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