Ones to Watch 2012: Part 2

6. Alt-J

Alt-J are quietly causing a stir. Their song ‘Tessellate’ has been picked up by many ‘Songs of the Year’ polls, and rightly so. It’s an incredible track, and shows of their incredibly unique sound at its best. On their Facebook page, Alt-J describe their influences as ‘Haha’, but they seem to mix folk, ambience, indie, rich harmonies and the end result is something very special.

7. Michael Kiwanuka

I thought Michael might have been missed off a lot of Sound of 2012 lists, but how wrong I was. He was featured in the BBC Sound of 2012 and also in the BBC Critics Choice final 3. His gorgeous blend of folk and soul sounds like it comes from long in the past, and his stage presence is mesmerising.

8. Kyla La Grange

I was a bit unsure about Kyla when I first heard her, there is a lot of female singers doing this whole dark and mysterious pop thing at the moment and I wasn’t sure if she stood out. That was until I saw her live a few weeks ago and she blew that out of the water. She completely stands out, mostly because of her voice, which is incredibly unique. I also saw her play an acoustic set at the Daughter and Friends show at St. Giles and boy it was incredible.

9. Bear Driver

Bear Driver are from mighty Leeds. And they make woozy psychedelic folk rock. They have recently just released a song called ‘Never Never’ which is a wonderful track, the dreamy opening grabs your attention immediately and keeps you hooked. If they produce a debut album full of songs like that, they’re onto a win.

10. Daughter

Ah the stunning Elena Tonra. Her songwriting first grabbed me back ont the Communion compilation when ‘Peter’ was an standout track for me. Since then she has matured her sound and perfected her songs and her latest EP ‘The Wild Youth’ is an incredible listen. After seeing her play at St. Giles church last week, I think her sound works best when its heavy, her voice can cope with a lot of sound when a lot of female singer/songwriters fail at this. I hope she goes down a Bon Iver, Sigur Ros sort of route. For me, this will be one of the most anticipated albums of 2012.


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