Ones to Watch 2012: Part 1

And here comes another one of those lists that everyone loves to hate. Pretty much every blogger, magazine, press publication etc. etc. has, or will do, a Ones to Watch list for the next year. And this is mine. Some are predictable, but I’ve not tried to be clever, or chose artists just because no one else has. I’ve just chosen artists I like, and artists that I hope will make great records in 2012.

You can see the list of the Blog Sound of 2012 here, and my opinions on the BBC Sound of 2012 here. I have chosen 15 artists, and they will come in 3 parts. This is the first 5. Please not that these are in no particular order.

1. Lana Del Rey

Too much hype? Yes, probably. And whether its all been justified is yet to be seen. But I love her. Lana Del Rey has caused more internet hype than anything I have ever seen in my time as a blogger. After only releasing 1 single, she already has 18 times more Facebook ‘likes’ than Nancy Sinatra.  It’s all gone a bit crazy, and in some cases, a bit mean. In my opinion, she has a great voice, great songs and sounds a damn lot more interesting than more of the stuff on the radio at the moment.

2. Alabama Shakes

A new love of mine are Brittany Howard and her band Alabama Shakes. The band blend Janis Joplin vocals, blues guitar riffs and soul songs for an astoundingly good effect. If they make an album as good as the songs already released, I really think his could be huge, huge stuff.

3. Friends

Friends are from Brooklyn and make super cool pop music. It will be interesting to see which direction they go in with the debut, as the songs at the moment range from psychedelic to 90’s r’n’b inspired stuff. Really like them anyway.

4. Ren Harvieu

This girl has the voice to die for, and some killer songs. The next Duffy? No, I hope not. The next Amy Winehouse? Don’t think so. But I think despite all the comparisons, Ren Harvieu could become her own icon.

5. Lianne La Havas

Another stunning, stunning voice and some charming songs. Lianne is currently on tour with Bon Iver in the US and plays a host of London dates early next year, most of which have now sold out. I’ve found a lot of love for this song.


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