New Treat #65: Joseph & David

Over the last few years, Leeds has become home to some incredible musical talent. And I now introduce you to another, very talented set of musicians, Joseph & David. Their second EP entitled ‘Rise Up the Sun’, is to be released on Monday on Hide and Seek records. It’s a wonderful record, with layered and interesting instrumentation, contrasts in hushed sounds to huge build ups, and the highlight of the record for me, David’s rich yet delicate vocal. Lead track ‘Falling Wood’ is a clear standout track, the chorus singing against the delicacy of some moments in the song make it a gorgeous listen. For fans of Arcade Fire, Beirut and Stokes, Willam.

The band have their EP launch on December 19th at Leeds Holy Trinity Church if anyones in the Yorkshire area. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this EP, it will brighten up these dreary winter days. You can also listen to their first EP on Bandcamp here.


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