Albums of 2011: Final Thoughts

So there is was, my Albums of 2011. Bon Iver topped it for me, but I gotta say that 2011 has been a brilliant year for music. Click here to have a recap of the list.

I have really enjoyed reading everyones end of year lists, and have been introduced to some great music in doing so. Its also been great to see the variation in lists, and some of the similarities, and some of the weird and wonderful choices, mostly present in blogs.

There are quite a few albums which almost made the cut, and also quite a few which would have but I have only got into them over the last few weeks when I’d already started posting. Most of these albums are ones I’ve found through other peoples end of year lists. So I thought I’d make a little list of albums which were just missed off my list, for one reason or another.

Slow Club- Paradise

The Antlers- Burst Apart

Feist- Metals

Ryan Adams- Ashes and Fire

Girls- Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Sea of Bees- Songs for the Ravens (UK release was 2011, but US release was 2010)

Others… Josh T. Pearson, PJ Harvey, Noah and the Whale, Lykke Li, Other Lives, Wye Oak, Real Estate.

Coming next is my Ones to Watch for 2012 posts, followed by some most Best of 2011 posts (such as best gigs and songs) and then we’ll be back to normal for the new year!


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