New Treat #64: Doe Paoro

An email about this lady dropped into my inbox about an hour ago, and I loved it so much, I felt the need to write about it right away. Brooklyn based Doe Paoro describes her sound as ‘ghost soul’. It’s hauntingly good, the way she sings is unique and ethereal. In ‘Can’t Leave You’ the choir like harmonies accompany her voice perfectly and the screeching warbles sound like Saint Saviour gone a bit weird. The instrumentation is also very interesting, heavy piano, strings and some dubstep beats. It’s part Florence, part James Blake and part Tune-Yards. But this girl makes a sound that’s her own, and its incredibly good. Also check out her pretty ‘out there’ Tibetan Opera Recording. And her other stuff on Bandcamp.

Her debut album is released on January 31st 2012. There are three tracks posted below, and all are very different. This is one debut album I am already very excited about. I also love the styling of it all.



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