Albums of 2011: 3. Bombay Bicycle Club- A Different Kind of Fix

Last year Bombay Bicycle Club took a turn in direction and recorded ‘Flaws’, a stripped back acoustic album with female backing vocals (from the delightful Lucy Rose), banjo’s and finger picking guitars. It was quite a contrast from their debut, ‘I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose’ which affirmed themselves as a new band to watch on the indie music scene.

I think the changing genres of Bombay Bicycle Club, and the fact that no album is the same, has attributed hugely to their success. It can get boring when a band releases indie record after indie record, and they’ve chosen not to do that, but from listening to the first two albums it can be difficult to see where they will go next, what is the Bombay Bicycle Club sound, or is it just constantly evolving?

Which leads me on to this album, the third release from the band entitled ‘A Different Kind of Fix’. It mixes the indie riffs of the debut, with some of the delicacy and intimacy of the second for a remarkably good result. Beginning with ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’ a woozy start with echoey vocals and a repeating guiar riff. This could almost be a track from ‘Flaws’ but then the drum kicks in and then the guitars and you realise that this is not a repeat of album No. 2. Moving on to ‘Bad Timing’, one of the rockier tracks from the album.

Some of the highlights of the album ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ and ‘Shuffle’ still include the vocals of Lucy Rose. ‘Beggars’ is a folkier edition to the album but fits perfectly into place among the other tracks. My personal favourite is the last track on the record, ‘Still’. It’s a delicate stripped back piano ballad, unlike anything on this album or the two before but beautiful in its own right.

When I listen to this album as a whole, I am just constantly astonished by how consistently good the songwriting is, how perfect the instrumentation is and overall how good of an album as a whole it is. Jack Steadman and Bombay Bicycle Club have found their sound on ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ and it works amazingly.

Standout Tracks: Lights Out, Words Gone, How Can You Follow So Much Sleep, Still


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