Albums of 2011: 6. Anna Calvi – Anna Calvi

The first time I saw Anna Calvi was when she supported Johnny Flynn in late 2009. I didn’t get it, at all. It was a bit cabaret, a bit opera, and a bit weird. I don’t know if it was just my musical maturity growing in the time between that and hearing this album, or if her sound changed, but when this album was released at the beginning of the year, I completely fell in love with it.

The opening track ‘Rider to the Sea’, I complete guitar solo, perfectly sets the dark and moody tone of the album. There’s no denying Calvi’s voice and guitar playing but her songwriting ability is also pretty special. She is making music unlike other people. It’s catchy yet haunting, sinister yet beautiful. My favourite track ‘Love Won’t Be Leaving’ which its build-up and incredible guitar solo ends the album with something that only makes you wonder where she can go next after this incredible debut.

And if you don’t really get it, like I didn’t at first. Listen to this album, and you might too find a new passion for Anna Calvi.

Standout Tracks: Love Won’t Be Leaving, Desire and Rider to the Sea.


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